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Chemical Injection Systems

Chemical Injection Skid

Pictured below are various photographs of chemical injection skids built by us.

Pictured right is a typical Chemical Injection Skid. Two Williams CP500V225CRTC Pumps were used. Note the Kenco Bulk Tank Level Gauge at the side of the tank.

Block and bleed valves, pressure relief valves, non-return valves and pressure indicators were fitted to the discharge lines of this skid. Enclosed at the top right of the skid was air shut-off valves and pneumatic solenoid valves. Trace Heating was later fitted to this skid.
Barrel Tilt Skid

Pictured right is a barrel tilt skid c/w Williams CP1500W600BTG Pump, Kenco Drawdown Cylinder and Air Manifold.

The purpose of this design of skid is that a standard 55 gallon drum can be installed vertically and then tilted horizontal for the pump to feed from.
Odorant Injection Skid

On the right is a Odorant Injection Skid. The pump being used here is a Williams ´HD´ Series which was designed for odorant injection.

At the front of the odorant tank is a Kenco Magnetic Level Gauge.
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