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Condition monitoring of steam traps

condition monitoring

As an example of the benefits of thermal imaging technology, it´s hard to beat the steam trap. Why? Because, while a failed steam trap can waste hundreds - and perhaps thousands - of pounds each year, they can be very hard to spot.
The result is a wastage problem that can go unsolved - and even unnoticed - for years.

With thermal imaging, such issues can be resolved quickly and cost efficiently.
By using thermographic techniques to determine the condition of steam traps, even in inaccessible places, the technology can play an indispensable part of an effective maintenance programme, reducing ongoing energy wastage and costs. A full thermal imaging survey of your steam traps will help you understand and compare their condition, identify problems and target maintenance to precisely where it´s required.

Surveys should be carried out by experienced operators who not only understand their equipment, but who are well-grounded in trap design and steam theory. At ERIKS, our qualified technicians understand all the issues

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