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Controller provides the ultimate integrated solution

IMO Controller

IMO's new controller reduces equipment costs, and the time for integrating discrete PLC and HMI combinations, by the simple means of combining both functions, as well as open bus communications, all in a single, easy- to- mount unit.

Available with a combination of Digital and Analogue, the controller is ideal for both process control and factory automation applications; especially as it is backed by a unique 3-year warranty.

Although, measuring just 91.63mm2 by 57.5mm deep, the i3 nevertheless packs in levels of functionality that makes the unit the most flexible and cost effective in its class.

This high level of functionality removes any need to compromise in the three operational areas: display, control and communication, provided by the i3. The HMI capability integrates a 128 x 64 LCD display featuring programmable IP65 (NEMA4) function keys, or high contrast Touch Screen160 x 128 LCD and 4 programmable function keys; both providing high level graphics and text capabilities. In addition, the control capabilities provided by the unit's standard Analogue (4 Inputs, 2 Outputs) and Digital (24 Inputs, 16 Outputs) I/O are expandable by interfacing to IMO iOS remote I/O modules.

This facility provides extended control capabilities and delivers greater flexibility in system design.

In addition to its extensive control, monitoring and communication capabilities, the i3 offers the benefit of reduced installation time, as a result of its unique case design.

This allows either panel (IP65) or DIN rail mounting, facilities that give users the ultimate in flexibility, both in mounting and positioning of the controller.

For further information on this product, please contact your local ERIKS service centre on 0845 006 6000 or click here to find your local service centre.

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