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DC Motor Controls

DC Motor Controls

Sprint DC Motor Control

Sprint Electric

  • Whilst a large proportion of Variable Speed Drives today are catered for with AC Inverters. There are still a vast array of DC motor driven machinery and applications which are best handled by DC motor control.
  • ERIKS is able to offer solutions for all applications and when seen as the best solution can offer either Analogue or Digital Controllers from the wide range offered by Sprint Electric.
  • The analogue range starts with the low cost 0.37kW control board for 220volt AC single phase supply through to 11kW
  • Then a full range of 2-Quadrant and 4-Quadrant controllers to 145kW
  • This is then enhanced with the fully Digital range of PL and PLX with extended range of application control blocks including centre winding and field weakening in ratings to 265kW.
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