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Disposable Masks

Fine particles, toxic gases, vapours, smoke or mist in the atmosphere are latent health hazards. In the short term, they can cause or worsen acute problems with your airways and in the long term they affect the lung function … and this can have dire consequences of course.

By acting preventatively and providing employees with suitable respirators, a large part of the unhealthy effect can be eliminated.

The RX Range of Disposable Masks includes:

  • RX Fold Flat Disposable Mask

  • RX Pre-Formed (Cupped) Disposable Mask

  • RX Pre-Formed (Cupped) Reinforced Disposable Mask

  • However, correct use of these respirators is crucial. When the masks are not put on correctly or do not entirely correspond with the face profile, the necessary protection is insufficient or even non-existent. That is why ERIKS attaches so much importance to the correct use of the disposable masks.

  • Legislation and regulations

  • Selection and use
  • Rx Disposable Masks Main
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