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Donaldson pleated bags with Ultra-Web media

Donaldson pleated bags with Ultra-Web

Donaldson and Non-Donaldson replacement filter pleated bags are now available with proven and patented Ultra-Web media. Upgrade from fabric style filter bags or bags with ordinary spunbonded media to Donaldson pleated bags with Ultra-Web SB and benefit from the many advantages:

Cleaner air: Ultra-Web SB with nanofiber technology is the only spunbond media on the market that can capture submicron particles.

Less abrasion: Pleated bags are shorter than fabric bags. This allows for a larger drop out area and less opportunity for bag abrasion.

Higher efficiency: Pleated bags provide almost twice as much filtration area in existing equipment. This causes the air to media ratio to decrease when the airflow stays the same and the pressure drop is reduced.

Longer filter life: Lasts up to 2-3 times longer than 550 gm2 polyester felt bags.
Greater cost savings: Provides the best value and long-term savings.

Donaldson pleated bags are available for Donaldson Torit DCE and most other popular brands of baghouse collectors.

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