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Drive Design Assistant for chain drives

Fenner Select Chain 280

Selecting the correct chain drive at the design stage can contribute significantly to the operating life, reliability and overall efficiency of your chain drive application.

Fenner Select Chain Drive Designer

The new Fenner Select® on-line Drive Design Assistant for Chain drives provides engineers with a structured and detailed approach to achieving exactly this and getting the very best from the design stage onwards.

Many years of design and application experience have been distilled into the new on-line 'Fenner Select® - Drive Design Assistant', taking into account literally thousands of variables and employing proven formulae to optimise performance and longevity. The system is free and available live on-line at There are also added benefits to users who register with the site enabling the storage of previous calculations for later reference (registration is free and easy to do on-line).

The design service will inevitably save a huge amount of time for engineers that frequently design chain drives systems, allowing them to fine tune a design and check the theoretical performance before specifying components. Equally, designers and commissioning engineers with limited experience of specifying chain drives can now do so with confidence, drawing on acknowledged Fenner expertise, without leaving their lap-top.

Fenner Select® - Drive Design Assistant functions allow users to design a drive from first principles, make 'Calculations' of important parameters, experiment with 'drive dimensions' and optimise the design on a number of different variables. Once an optimum chain drive has been selected, the complete drive specification can then be sent to your local ERIKS service centre for a quotation.

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