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Drum Motors

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With Interroll Drum Motors at the heart of the conveyor. The unique concept of their drum motors produces cutting-edge solutions that raise the overall efficiency and reliability of customer applications in materials handling the world over.

There is no doubt about it, with fewer installation parts than conventional geared motor drives, the compact space saving, Interroll drum motors provide a quick, cost-effective and easy way of building maintenance-free, hygienic and energy-efficient belt conveyors.

Independent test results showed Interroll Drum Motors used 32% less energy (unloaded) and 47% less energy (loaded) than a comparable geared motor drive.

Interroll Drum Motors also have a much higher efficiency than conventional drives, which normally transfer approximately 75% of their mechanical efficiency to the belt, compared to an Interroll drive which transfers up to 97%.

Optimum Hygiene Drive

Interroll Drum Motors eliminate the risk of contamination in food processing, caused by belt systems as the entire drive mechanism is totally enclosed in a smooth steel shell sealed to IP66/67 standards and provide the ideal solution for wet and high-pressure wash down applications. The "sealed-for-life" drum motor design requires absolutely no maintenance and results in lower operating costs and higher productivity.

Interroll Multiprofile

A new profile for its asynchronous and synchronous drum motors, which can be used to drive various conveyor belts by using only one Interroll Premium Hygienic PU Profile. Incorporating frequency converters, these drums and Multiprofile provide positive and controlled drive of various belt types, ensuring higher flexibility and increased efficiency.

The Interroll Premium Hygienic PU Profile, also a new development from Interroll, is compliant with EHEDG guidelines and is known for its extremely smooth surface that prevents bacteria from forming on the material.

Contact your ERIKS local service centre for more information on this product and the Interroll’s product offering!
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