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Dry Film Lubricants

Dry film and solid lubricant coatings applied either directly or suspended in a carrier can be an innovative solution to lubrication issues. 

But identifying the correct substance with a low frictional coefficient to act as a lubricant and separate moving parts which also suits the application can be challenging, as can finding an efficient application method.

Dry film lubricants can offer much higher operating temperatures than oil based lubricants and even lower frictional coefficients.

Common dry lubricants include molybdenum disulphide, PTFE and graphite. 

Solid lubricants can be applied directly or in a carrier or can be an additive to give additional lubrication or load carrying capacity to an oil or grease etc. 

Our Lubrication Engineers are on hand to recommend dry lubricants and application systems, so make sure you talk to the experts. 

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