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Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing Machine

Dynamic Balancing Machine

  • Dynamic balancing service, which can be carried out on-site, or in the nearest ERIKS workshop, utilises the latest in computer technology, and operates to the required industry tolerances. Dynamic balancing significantly reduces the liklihood of mechanical wear and extends component life.

On Site Dynamic Balancing

  • ERIKS provides within its wide range of condition monitoring tools, a mobile vibration analysis and dynamic balancing service.
  • If severe electro and mechanical vibrations are left undetected without attention, they can cause failures that may lead to expensive loss of production and damage to plant.
  • The monitoring instrumentation used by our site engineers will pinpoint vibrations and inbalance within rotory plant. It will measure the degree and the frequencies, the positions and determine the cause.
  • The dynamic balancing engineers will present the customer with a comprehensive report on each surveyed installation complete with the action required to correct the faults.
  • In cases where a machine requires to have its rotor rebalanced, arrangements can be made to correct the inbalance on site or within our nearest works if necessary.
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