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ERIKS Apprentice Awards 2015

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During National Apprenticeship Week, ERIKS UK held its inaugural Apprentice Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 10th March, to acknowledge the dedication and contribution of its Year 4 Apprentices, who are due to complete their studies in 2015.

The 2015 ERIKS UK Apprenticeship Awards ceremony was held at Loughborough College, ERIKS’ partner in the delivery of Apprenticeships to their Electro-Mechanical Division.

ERIKS’ Board of Directors judged and honoured accolades to Apprentices across six award categories. These included:
  • Contribution to ERIKS Award — acknowledgement of enthusiasm and positivity towards the Apprentice Programme
  • ERIKS Manager’s Award — awarded to the Apprentice who has shown initiative beyond that required and expected in their role
  • ERIKS Apprentice of the Year — awarded for overall approach to the programme and overall contribution to the workplace
  • Loughborough College Award — awarded by Loughborough college
  • Most Improved Student — awarded by Loughborough college
  • Highest Grade Achieved — awarded by Loughborough college

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The Winners

Contribution to ERIKS
Winner — Joseph Middleton EMS Maidenhead
Commended — Daniel Smith EMS Liverpool

Managers Award
Winner — David Ralph EMS Swansea
Commended — Martin Cowie EMS Aberdeen

Loughborough College Award — Nathan Harvey EMS Chesterfield
Most Improved Student Award — Zane Andrews EMS Bath
Highest Grade Achieved — Jacob Kane EMS Chesterfield

ERIKS Apprentice of the Year
Winner — David Ralph EMS Swansea
Commended — Daniel Smith — EMS Liverpool

The awarded Apprentices were presented with a commendable certificate, trophy and prize.

ERIKS UK also received sponsorship from suppliers including WEG, Brook Crompton and Rapid Education, each supporting an award category.

Managers Thoughts

According to Steve Askins (ERIKS EMS Director) ERIKS Apprentices are "the future of the EMS business and that their skills and potential would ensure that our company continues to strengthen and grow".

Keith Hargreaves (ERIKS EMS Operations Director) commended ERIKS EMS Service Centre Managers who continue to mentor our Apprentices and aid their development in the workplace.

Brian O’Leary, Management Services Director, expressed the pride he felt in ERIKS Apprentices and said that "if only it had been possible, he would have declared them all winners"!

The Programme

During the structured 4-year training programme, Apprentices each held a full time position within the Electro Mechanical Services Division, working as part of a team in the workshop developing skills for rewinding, repairing electro-mechanical equipment such as motors, gearboxes and pumps as well as gaining an understanding and exposure to condition monitoring. Each Apprentice combined theory and practical activity assessed by both ERIKS UK and Loughborough College over the four year duration of the apprenticeship programme.

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