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ERIKS expand operations in Hull

ERIKS expand operations in Hull

The new building houses two businesses, firstly the ERIKS Hull stock and service centre, delivering industrial maintenance products and services, and secondly the global export stock and distribution centre for Fenner Power Transmission Products.

The new unit provides the opportunity to move the businesses forward in terms of having a more modern working environment for staff and considerably more space. Installing new state-of-the-art warehousing linked with ERIKS group logistics technology, combined with substantial stock increases for both businesses will contribute towards a faster and more flexible service for both local and international customers.

ERIKS reports that local business is expanding, and the Hull area is showing strong growth potential. ERIKS Hull will now have better links to the national ERIKS Product Business Units that provide specialist product knowledge and technical support for several areas, such as pneumatics, hydraulics, bearings and gearboxes. Hull is also closely supported by two of ERIKS largest engineering repair centres at Grimsby and Leeds.

Hull is known as the home of the Fenner brand, and it is a positive sign that ERIKS, as the custodian of the Fenner power transmission range, is investing locally to support growth in both the domestic and international markets.

Service Centre Manager, Yvonne Pritchett, comments, "ERIKS UK is a leading industrial product supply, procurement, management and repair business; we are extremely pleased to be moving into the new building and benefiting from this investment. Although there are no immediate jobs being created, we may well be looking for new staff in the near future as this move gives us the capacity to expand both in terms of local business and for the power transmission export business."

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