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Elau Servo Motor test and repair service

Elau servo motor

ERIKS has pioneered a comprehensive programming, repair and full-function testing service for Elau Servo Motors that will reduce the risk of costly failure for end users. The solution, which was developed by the dedicated R&D team at ERIKS UK Industrial Electronics, will be of great benefit to engineers working within the meat slicing and packaging machine industry, where these units are a common feature.

The ERIKS solution has been welcomed by engineers because Elau Servo Motors require extremely specific diagnostic and repair facilities. This is because the commutation devices are in constant communication with the drive, and therefore cannot be dynamically tested using anything other than the Elau Pac-Drive MC-4 servo controller.

Elau Servo Motors use a hiperface encoder; this carries an eeprom that contains the motor data that the drive utilises to run the motors in an Elau Pac-Drive system. If this eeprom is programmed incorrectly the motor will not run in the Pac-Drive system. However, following extensive reverse engineering of Elau Motors and the Elau MC-4 Pac-Drives, the ERIKS team has successfully developed the capability to programme and test these motors.

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