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Electromagnet Repairs

Rotary Electric Magnet Ready for Repair

Magnet Workshop being delivered in Digbeth

Engineers Repairing Large Magnet In Digbeth Workshop

Circular Plate Magnet Repairs up to 2000mm diameter

Electromagnets repaired by ERIKS Magnet Services originally known as EPMS Magnet Services has over 60 years experience in manufacturing and repair every conceivable magnet used in the world today weather it be for lifting or separation, with its own unique Deep Field Light Weight range in either cast or fabricated bodies and including the renowned IGRANIC range.

  • Hire electromagnets available in all sizes
  • Circular magnet repairs up to 2000mm diameter
  • Drum Magnets
  • IGRANIC repair specialists
  • Complete in house electrical and mechanical design magnet facility
  • Full manufacturing capabilities for entire magnet range in today's market
  • Large workshop facilities with up to 40ton lifting capacity
  • Large 200°C drying out ovens
  • Machining facilities up to 2000mm diameter magnets
  • Vertical and horizontal winding up to 10 tons coils in either copper or aluminium for any magnet duty
  • Full magnet test facilities including load testing and 24 hour heat run tests
  • Hot conditions and underwater magnets built for purpose

ERIKS work to all end users needs from the large recycling solution companies down to the one man band scrap yards with an excellent reputation.

With over 30 repair centres across the UK our comprehensive services include:

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