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Energy efficient diming systems NEW from Centro

Energy efficient diming systems NEW from Centro

Available in both standard and emergency versions, the new CENTRO corridor T5 IP65 lighting system is an intelligent addition to the electrical industry.

The cost effective Diming System provides simple solutions to complex processes taking presence-controlled lighting to a new level.

  • Planning to installation and start up is now simple with just a few standard components used in the whole process.

  • Installation is now straight forward as appropriate motion detectors, CENTRO Corridor T5 fittings and simple wiring is all that is required.

  • There is no need for a separate controller on top of the sensor and wiring requires just one extra cable.

  • Presence-controlled lighting from CENTRO offers more than just energy efficiency, it offers comfort and security - a major advantage over conventional options.

  • The added value here is that the lighting is not switched off but dimmed to a low level.
    This adds to the life span of the installed tube as they are not being switched on and off but just dimmed.

The energy savings in non-occupied areas can be up to 90% of the installed fitting normal output. This leads to a greatly reduced payback time on capital outlay.

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