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ERIKS Planet+Reducing environmental impact is a core focus for ERIKS in everything we do both in our own operations and that of our customers.

That could mean helping our customers to use less lubricant, bio-degradable lubricants/maintenance products, better sealing to ensure excess lubricant doesn’t escape or even looking at products that remove lubrication all together like lubricant free bearings or chain.

Helping the Environment

OKS Air Spray SystemRX Spill Control

Environmentally friendly delivery systems such as the OKS Air Spray system where aerosols are replaced with a compressed air system can also help to reduce contaminated waste.

ERIKS also supply our own extensive range of spill control products and our PPE experts can help match the right equipment to your requirements.

ERIKS Planet+

ERIKS' Planet+ is an initiative which influences everything we do - for ourselves and for our customers.  Planet + also acknowledges commercial reality. So positive energy reduction, pollution reduction, waste reduction and risk reduction will be achieved with no negative impact on profitability for our customers.  For more information click here

ERIKS Planet+ Positive Energy ReductionERIKS Planet+ Positive Pollution ReductionERIKS Planet+ Positive Waste ReductionERIKS Planet+ Positive Risk Reduction

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