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FLEXION - Compressed Air Savings Programme

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Compressed air is an expensive resource but it is still regarded by many users as a no cost or low cost item...

Across all industries leakage averages 30% of the total produced, with some sites losing as much as 60% of the total air generated. These losses result in increased energy consumption and costs, counterintuitive to businesses' CSR goals.

Inappropriate use of compressed air can involve:
  • Supplying compressed air to idle plants
  • Using higher pressures than necessary
  • Not using energy-efficient components
  • Using compressed air where other technologies may be more cost-effective

And that's where the acquired knowledge, in-house capabilities and experience of the FLEXION infrastructure and ERIKS specialists have been able to save customers millions of pounds on production costs of compressed air whilst saving tonnes of CO2.

FLEXION Service Offering



Full Report - A standard report delivered immediately after completion of the survey. Report details size of the leak and estimated cost. Accurate location information and image of failing/failed component.

First Fix - Effect basic repairs where possible. Remake joints, replace fittings, gauges and other non-active parts. First fix capability depends on being able to access the equipment safely, which usually requires isolating the mains air supply. Also, a full bill of materials required to effect all of the recommended repairs as identified in the survey will be supplied.

Application Audit- A comprehensive audit of the agreed plant/area. A report recommending actions required to minimise compressed air usage with estimated costs to implement and payback period.

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