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FLEXION Hydraulics


The FLEXION range has an enviable reputation across Europe for innovative products that offer value to you as design and maintenance engineers, both in terms of performance and cost. The FLEXION hydraulics programme, combines innovation from technological advancements, reliable manufacture and the latest materials developments.

Our full FLEXION Hydraulic range includes:

  • Range of FLEXION hydraulic hoses, fittings, adaptors and connectors
  • State-of-the-art hose assembly with specialised capability in Roermond for large bore and long length
  • Hose assembly, type approval testing and certification
  • Tube manipulation and tube-end forming
  • Special design for fittings and manifold blocks
  • Comprehensive hose testing laboratory in Asse, Belgium
  • Filtration sizing and selection
  • Engineered systems and sub-systems
  • Hose maintenance
  • Oil cleanliness management
  • Hydraulic training programmes
  • Hydraulic component repair and customisation

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