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Fittings and Accessories

Water Hose Fittings

Brass Water Fittings

In industries that use flexible hose products, fittings are essential to all applications. It is imperative to use correct accessories or fittings to maintain the productivity and quality of the hose output.

Fittings will have to be as resilient or in most cases more durable that the hose. Depending on the environment, weather exposure and high pressure can wear the material down, so we offer a full range of options to suit all requirements to prolong the life and offer full reliability.

ERIKS fittings and accessories include; Pneumatic Metric Push In, Imperial Brass Nut & Olive, Quick Release Fittings, Brass Hosetails, Brass Water Fittings, Push In Fittings, Water Hose Fittings, Kwik Kam Lever Couplers, 'O' Clips, Bolt Clamps, Wormdrive Clips, Reusable Fittings and Firesleeves.
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