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Gates SAFE Hydraulics training programme


The Legislation - Important Facts to Test Your Knowledge... Did You Know:
  • You cannot mix and match components of different suppliers that are not validated nor tested (2006/42/EC - ISO4413/2010)?
  • The repair of hose assemblies is forbidden by law (2006/42/EC - ISO 4413/2010)?
  • Marking hoses, showing the day and year of manufacture, is obligatory (ISO 4413/2010)?
  • The lifetime of hose assemblies is limited?
  • Fluids under pressure can result in serious injuries or even death?
  • The assembler can be held responsible for the consequences of a failed hydraulic hose assembly (2006/42/EC - ISO 4413/2010)?

    The power and potential dangers of working with hydraulics mean you can never be complacent about people's safety. You can't underestimate the power of a hydraulic hose assembly under pressure. Having the world's best hoses and couplings is not enough to ensure the safety of your hose assemblers. If they're assembled poorly, installed badly or stored in the wrong way you can compromise performance and even human safety...

The Gates SAFE Hydraulics Programme

The SAFE Hydraulics Programme, a safety and preventative maintenance training seminar, is run for all customers because your safety and that of your workforce, your customers and the environment is always top priority.

It's designed by Gates application engineers and run by experienced and certified trainers. During the seminar, which can be tailored to match you needs, the trainers will:
  • Teach you how to work safely and how to reduce your risks and protect the environment
  • Cover the entire process: storage, selection, installation and inspection
  • Explain how to avoid material and personal hazards and liability issues
  • Give you expert information on safety issues affecting hydraulic hose assemblies

You can book places on seminars through ERIKS, an authorised Gates distributor, and you can send people from all industries, backgrounds and levels of hydraulic knowledge.

To find out more contact your ERIKS local service centre!
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