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Generator Coils

Generator Coils Being Fitted by Engineer

Generator Coils upto 6,600/13,800Volt 50/60Hz Waterwheel and Turbo Generator Coils are manufactured to Insulation Class F/H.

Single and multi turn generator coils can be made as either single bars or fully formed generator coils depending on the machines design.

The turns can be transposed depending on the design, either in the endwindings or in the slot sections by the Roebel method of transposition.

The generator coil insulation will comprise of mica paper laminates impregnated with synthetic Epoxide resins. All the generator coils within this range will be formed and the cells pressed in 4/5 metre presses with semi conducting corona protection pressed into the cell sections.

All generator coils within this classification will be made and tested strictly to the ESI 44-7 Specification for Generators.

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