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GlassGuard BlackBand Lighting Insurance Against Glass Contamination



GlassGuard® fragment retention lamps, including the highly acclaimed GlassGuard BlackBand® are manufactured to EN 61549, the highest standard for fragment retention lamps.

EN 61549 is designed to assist electrical contractors, distributors, end-users and certification bodies in identifying and choosing fit for purpose products that will provide a level of performance which satisfies requirements for glass fragment retention in applications where risk of contamination from accidental breakage requires control.

GlassGuard BlackBand® signals it’s conformity to EN61549 with its distinctive black band marking.

The use of GlassGuard BlackBand® is strongly recommended in areas such as food production where the need to minimise the risk of glass contamination in food is critical.

The GlassGuard BlackBand® range of fluorescent lamps will provide 20,000 hours of protection, far exceeding the minimum requirement for EN 61549. Glass Guard BlackBand® is available in all standard fluorescent tube sizes and wattages.

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