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Handling Castors

Warehouse Sheet Handling Castors

Sheet Handling Castors are predominantly used in the glass industry but can also be used for any sheet product where multi-directional movement is required such as laminates etc...

Inverted Castors are used on structures where bulk loads need to be moved in any direction from one station to another. They are particularly suitable for use in airports and logistics warehouses. They are especially designed to operate upside down without detriment to performance.
Warehouse Inverted Castor

We offer two types of Skate Wheels that are deigned to convey light packages and are particularly suited to small inside radius gravity bends. Steel Skate wheels that are a semi precision bearing incorporating turned steel inner races and pressed steel outer races and housings. The standard finish is zinc plated. Plastic Skate Wheels that are an injection moulded acetal plastic. They are low fiction, low maintenance skate wheels.
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