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Hearing Protection

When choosing hearing protection, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. Hearing protection should reduce the noise to a safe level so that some sounds are not heard well or at all. In addition to ensuring that the the hearing protection is practical it should also be comfortable for the user.

Included in our PPE Catalogue are:
  • Custom Fit Earplugs
  • Disposable earplugs
  • Reusable earplugs
  • Earmuffs / Ear Defenders
  • Accessories
  • PPE Hearing logos

    Working in a noisy environment is not only highly stressful, but also causes intense damage to hearing, damage to hearing (noise-related deafness) is also irreversible, it can be prevented, but not cured!

    A very wide range of hearing protection media allows us to protect our ears against every form and level of noise nuisance.

    The danger threshold for human hearing is 80 dB(A). One may be exposed to this noise level for on average of 8 hours per day without suffering any hearing loss. There is a minimum risk of hearing damage if the sound intensity remains below that level.

    The European Directive 2003/10/EC imposes the following obligation on employers:
  • To provide employees with hearing protection above 80 dB(A).
  • To combat the sound at source, above 85 dB(A).

    However, if the noise level remains high, it shall also be mandatory for the employee to wear hearing protection.

    Our product specialists would be pleased to advise you, with due regard for noise pressure, the duration of the exposure, the frequency and the surroundings.

    The following European standards apply to our range of ear protection:
  • EN 352-1 Earmuffs
  • EN 352-2 Earplugs
  • EN 352-3 Earmuffs attached to an industrial safety helmet
  • EN 352-4 Level-dependant earmuffs
  • EN 352-5 Active noise reduction earmuffs
  • EN 352-6 Earmuffs with electrical audio input
  • EN 352-7 Level dependant earplugs
  • EN 352-8 Entertainment audio earmuffs

    Available from ERIKS
  • custom earplugs 3M X4 ear defenders

    Custom Made Earplugs
    ERIKS custom made earplugs offer a tailor-made solution to personal hearing protection, made of soft silicone, ERIKS custom made hearing protectors offers five acoustic filters, each offering different attenuation properties. Click Here for further details, or contact your local ERIKS Service Centre.

    3M Peltor X4 Ear Defenders
    The 3M Peltor X4 Ear Defenders are designed to offer protection against high noise levels, whilst maintaining a sleek, low profile and an aesthetically pleasing design.
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