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Heat Trace - the UK

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With over 30 years of service to the industry and thousands of completed turn key projects, Heat Trace UK is a real partner providing real solutions

Heat Trace is the only UK manufacturer and supplier of self-regulating heating cables.

They offer the largest range of heating cables in the world; inherently temperature safe, semi-conductive, self-regulating and constant power heaters which have power, temperature and voltage ratings beyond those of any competitor worldwide.

Self-regulating heating cables

The most common form of electric trace heating cable in the world today, self-regulated cables adjust the power output in response to changes in ambient temperature. They cannot overheat or burn out - even when overlapped.
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Heat Trace 2

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Heat Trace 5

Heat Trace 5

Heating cables can be cut to length and exact lengths can be matched without complicated design considerations.

Self-regulating heating tape

Heat Trace also supplies a light industrial/commercial grade self-regulating heating tape suitable for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipework or vessels in the construction and refrigeration industries. Available from 12-1000VAC, it can be cut to length at site and exact piping lengths can be matched without complicated design considerations.

Etched Foil

Ultra-flat heaters, produced using etchedfoil technology on a silk-screened circuit, are then coupled with insulating materials to create highly flexible silicon mats, adaptable to flat and curved surfaces with differentiated powers and a good thermal distribution over the whole heating surface.

OBD Drain line heaters

Our Drain line heaters are manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure that periodic defrost cycles run smoothly for any cold store operations.

Constant wattage heating cables

Constant wattage cables deliver a constant output, irrespective of pipe temperature. They can be used for freeze protection or process heating of pipework and vessels and are particularly suited to refrigeration appliances or small bore instrument lines.

Constant power heating cable

Heat Trace provides a constant power heating cable suitable for heating and temperature conservation. The main feature of this type of cable is a uniform specific charge on its entire length, allowing the capability to manage the specific power independently from the required cable length.

Rail and points heating systems

Heat Trace 7

Heat Trace's RHT offers a complete rail and points heating system which can be used with main rail, mono rail and tramway systems.

They also supply heaters for rolling stock.

For further information contact your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.

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