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Heavy Machinery Skates

Warehouse Skates Nyton Set

Hilman Rollers and Roller Sets are ideal for all kinds of heavy equipment moving, machinery installation and maintenance.

Sets include everything needed to make those heavy moves. Easy and safe to use! Just lift the load, set the rollers and move.

The re-circulating chains on the Hilman Rollers provide controllable heavy moving directly on ordinary concrete floors. We also offer sets with Hilman Nyton Rollers that are designed for use on new, painted or special floors.
Warehouse Skates Toe Jack

The chain rolls are made of a high impact nylon that is forgiving to special floors. All Nyton tops are padded to which helps to ensure that the entire chain footprint contacts the floor.

The Hilman Tri-Glide system is a 3 Point Heavy Moving System that is both lightweight and low in height. Of course we also supply the Toe Jacks to lift the equipment. These are the perfect complement to Hilman Rollers.
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