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Hygienic Hose Assemblies

Hygienic Hose Assemblies

RX hygienic hose assemblies offer an unrivalled quality of industrial hose supported by our new on site hose management service.

The new RX hygienic hose assemblies are over 10% stronger and 50% lighter, up to 18 bar working pressure and have an odourless and tasteless inner liner.

Resistant to all commercial cleaning products, RX hygienic hose is also animal and vegetable fat resistant has a durable outside wall and complies with FDA, BfR standards.

RX hygienic hose now lasts longer than conventional 'Lite' hose due to its unique spiral construction. This hose features new mirror like homogenous liner compound for use with revised connectors and is now more flexible for easier handling

All assemblies are hydrostatic tested and to 1.5 times the working pressure for your safety and peace of mind

Each individual hose assembly is marked with a unique reference number for 31B traceability, test pressure and date of manufacture but bespoke marking options available

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