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IMCA (Induction Motor Current Analyser)

Induction Motor Current Analyser  IMCA

  • Our Induction Motor Current Analyser (IMCA) is a portable test unit which uses a method of analysing the high resolution spectrical analysis of a machine´s supply current to test for cracked rotor bars while machines are running in service.
  • The IMCA (Indiction Motor Current Analyser) is basically a small dedicated computer within the analyser, into which you feed in some information regarding the machine under test. The induction analyser terminals are connected to an outgoing terminal within the switchgear. The instrument will determine the type of fault and will show visually the condition of the machne´s rotor.
  • An electrical defect in an induction motor rotor, such as a cacked rotor bar or a shorting ring; or an unbalanced rotor resistance in a wound rotor can be detected and displayed on the screen of the IMCA (Induction Motor Current Analyser).
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