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INOX TORX Screwdrivers Stainles

INOX TORX  Screwdrivers Stainless

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INOX TORX Screwdrivers Stainless With round blade made of stainless steel, tough hard (HRC 54). Thanks to the vacuum ice-hardening the blade features the same hardness as conventional tools and is therefore workshop compatible and wear-resistant. Ergonomic Kraftform Plus handle, integrated soft zones and anti-slip protection. Stamped with drive symbol and size.

Application: Screwdrivers from stainless steel are used where extraneous rust at stainless steel is to be avoided. Especially for screwing stainless steel screws in window and door construction, in case of fittings and sinks, facades, handrails, balconies, fences etc.

Note: Extraneous rust in stainless steel processing is caused by tools made of normal steel. Abraded particles are thereby produced which adhere to the stainless steel. These particles become rust under the effect of oxygen. Use stainless steel tools only for stainless steel screws and store them separately! Extraneous rust is thereby avoided.

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