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Infrared Windows IRISS Cut Operational Costs


Thermal imaging is a highly efficient method of detecting electrical faults and averting failure, but it’s even more cost effective when used with IRISS’ infrared windows. These allow a thermal imaging camera to see faults in fully energised systems without the need for high levels of PPE.

Without windows, a thermal imaging survey is a team effort and the non-productive time involved is substantial. Alongside this is the need to minimise risk, a factor often driven by insurance. However, safety considerations add to the cost and this increases exponentially with every inspection added to the maintenance schedule. The easy and economical solution is to include infrared windows.

To provide clear evidence of the cost saving potential of its infrared windows, IRISS has created a web tool for calculating return-on-investment which you can access here.

It’s simple to use and factors in every cost involved in running a preventative programme, with and without the benefit of infrared windows.

Even with the first inspection, the outlay for buying and fitting windows is often covered, and the savings are even more impressive when IR windows allow the frequency of inspection to be increased. Over a five year cost analysis, massive savings of 350% are not uncommon.

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