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Introduction to the RX Composite Hose range

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RX Composite Hose

RX Composite Hose is suitable for use in petroleum, chemical and oil transfer, vapour recovery, all loading operations, as well as tank truck delivery.

RX flexible and lightweight liquid transfer and bottom loading composite hose offer optimum chemical resistance to aggressive media, including our upgrade PTFE range for high temperature applications.

RX Composite hose is available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics to meet all hose requirements and are available with externally crimped dry seal fittings from 1" to 10" diameter.


All RX Composite hose is manufactured to BS5842 1980 and can be supplied in accordance with eN 13765 2010 upon request. Marine hoses are manufactured in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard and I.M.O. regulations.

Every composite hose assembly is pressure tested to a minimum of 1½ times the hose's maximum working pressure and in accordance with eN 13765 2010.

Each assembly is then checked for electrical continuity to ensure the assembly has resistance of less than 2.5 ohms per metre for 1" and 1½" and less than 1 ohm per metre for 2" and above (eN 13765).

Each assembly is marked and issued with a unique hose identification number and test certificate.

Special Features

RX Composite hose can be supplied up to 40 metres in continuous length. This
is the longest continuous composite hose produced in the world. RX offers ferrules and seals which have been designed from scratch to optimise maximum coupling retention and fluid/gas seal without compromise to the performance of one or the other.

RX hose tails have been designed with maximum scroll depth and sealing area.
the scroll on a Novaflex hose tail is flat not radius which helps prevent wire slip
and crossover during assembly and crimp.

All standard RX rubber swage seals are made from conductive rubber so electrical
continuity is assured even if the wires have corroded on older assemblies.

RX Composite hoses can be supplied with glow in the dark stripes which charge
during the day and glow during the night.

The assembly of the end fittings and ferrules is a dry seal, using no adhesives,
which is a safer and more functional alternative.
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