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Investing in the engineers of tomorrow


To support its burgeoning success and growth since its acquisition by ERIKS Group nv, and also to help provide a pool of engineering expertise for the future, WYKO, an ERIKS company, is increasing the intake for its renowned range of apprenticeship and training schemes. During 2008, the company is expecting to recruit up to 45 new members to the schemes.

To cater for the needs of applicants of all levels and abilities the company operates three different apprenticeship and training schemes in the UK.

The Commercial Management Training Programme is designed to produce a succession of innovative people who will keep the business moving forward, while the Service Centre Apprentice Scheme, which is aimed specifically at the distribution division of the business, has been designed with the development of future Service Centre managers in mind.

To assist in the development of skilled engineers to work hands-on as part of the ERIKS Electro Mechanical Services division, the company also offers a full Electro Mechanical Engineering Apprentice scheme.

The Commercial Management Training Programme lasts for two years and allows candidates to spend time in all of the main areas of the company´s business. A mentor is appointed for each candidate, who helps to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from each secondment. The experiential element of the training is complemented by an in-house training programme, formulated to develop management skills.

Service Centre Apprentices work in a Service Centre throughout their two-year training period, under the mentorship of the manager. They experience all aspects of the business within the branch, and also participate in a day release scheme. These activities are supplemented by on-going in-house training designed to develop the skills needed to be a successful member of the company.

The Electro Mechanical Engineering Apprentice scheme is a full four-year formal apprenticeship, and leads to professional engineering body accreditation. It incorporates both college training and on-the-job experience in all relevant areas of the company´s business. Apprentices also have their own mentor throughout the scheme that is supported by the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

“We recognise that the future success of our company, and indeed of the UK manufacturing industry as a whole, depends on the ready availability of skilled and qualified engineers,” said Peter Walker, Group Learning and Development Officer at WYKO, an ERIKS company, “and we are committed to making the investment needed to help suitable candidates develop their skills and expertise. It´s not only good for us, it´s also good for our customers – well-trained staff are an asset to everyone.”

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