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It Pays to BeSafe with CEJN Pneumatics


Every Finance Manager wants to increase profitability and reduce expenses. Every Health and Safety Manager wants to protect the work force from unnecessary injury and comply with the latest safety standards. Every Production Manager wants to increase productivity and eliminate waste. Every employee wants to be effective and work in a safe environment.
This is now possible with the unique patented eSafe range of pneumatic quick release couplings from CEJN:
  • Save Money- The energy saving and efficient eSafe coupling’s high flow rate feature creates a low pressure drop significantly reducing the amount of compressed air to run the system. This means lower running costs.
  • Save Time— The high performance of eSafe means that you get the maximum capacity out of your tool. The job is done quicker using less energy and the result is higher productivity.
  • Improve Safety—eSafe is a one hand operated compact high flow coupling which vents before disconnection eliminating the risk of hose-whip keeping the operator from harm.
  • Comply with Safety Legislation -eSafe now complies with the international standard ISO 4414, European Standard 983 and OSHA 1910.95
  • It Pays to BeSafe. Can you afford not to be?

    Download the CEJN eSafe brochure here.

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