Easier than a wardrobe

Self-assembly – combines the convenience, speed and efficiency of a mobile unit with a lower cost than a local store.
Self-assembly – combines the convenience, speed and efficiency of a mobile unit with a lower cost than a local store.
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From MFI bookcases to IKEA wardrobes, self-assembly has been the big story in furniture for many years now. But whereas that’s more about cutting production, storage and delivery costs for the manufacturer or retailer, self-assembly for hydraulic hoses is all about cutting costs for you, the end-user. And it’s a great deal easier than putting together a wardrobe.

Though hoses are a highly reliable product, they can and do fail. And when they do, particularly in a piece of quarrying machinery, for example, the cost of downtime as a result of the failure can amount to thousands – or even tens of thousands – of pounds. So a quick replacement is essential.

Basically you have three options to get the hose replaced and the equipment back in action. You can use a local hose assembly company, offering a while-you-wait service. You can call out a mobile hose replacement van to put together the hose assembly on-site and fit it. Or you can invest in your own hose self-assembly kit – comprising crimper, hose and couplings – and carry out the job yourself. When you consider that with the self-assembly option, trained maintenance staff can produce a factory-quality hose assembly in under ten minutes – that’s about the same amount of time it would take just to place the order with a local store or call up the mobile unit – it’s easy to see why it’s an option that’s growing in popularity.

Using a local company entails travelling to the store, waiting while the assembly is produced, then driving it back to the site and fitting it. It’s also essential to ensure that any company you do use is certified either by BFPA or the hose manufacturer which supplies them. This approach also has the disadvantage of being unavailable outside shop hours and in a 24-hour industry such as quarrying no-one can guarantee a hose failure will only take place between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

Combining Gates’ port-to-port product quality with ERIKS industry know-how delivers a self-assembly solution which can save enormous amounts of downtime in the event of hose assembly failure, and is a highly cost-effective solution for operations experiencing at least five hose failures a year, or for whom lengthy unplanned downtime cannot be tolerated. However, if frequent, repeated hose failures are occurring, it is also worth considering talking to ERIKS about a preventive maintenance programme, which can reduce unplanned downtime to virtually zero. A similar concept to help you find the missing screw for your half-finished wardrobe is not yet available.

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