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<i>The glove is blue in colour as a security feature, making any batch contamination easy to spot and isolate</i>
The glove is blue in colour as a security feature, making any batch contamination easy to spot and isolate
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In fact, give them any size hand you have, from 6½ to 10, and Ansell Healthcare will have a Starpack® 48-651 food handling glove to fit it. This new, 100% nitrile glove, from a global leader in barrier protective solutions, is the entry-level product to the Ansell single-use range of food-safe gloves, and represents a significant advance in protection and performance.

It is not only consumers who the food industry needs to protect from harm, but also workers in the industry. Yet some products designed for protection can actually prove to be harmful.

For example, latex and natural rubber proteins and powder – used to manufacture many gloves for the industry – may increase the risk of Type 1 allergies amongst wearers. Similarly, many lower-quality gloves made from vinyl contain phthalates, including the controversial DEHP and other substances listed on the EU’s REACH list of Substances of Very High Concern. These substances can migrate from gloves onto skin, as well as contaminating the very food they are worn to protect. Thiurams are another key group of chemical accelerators sometimes found in lower quality gloves, which may cause Type IV delayed dermatitis reaction.

However, the unique 100% nitrile formulation of the Starpack® 48-651 glove from Ansell Healthcare ensures very low chemical residues, but also offers better tensile strength.

Food contact approved, and complying with EN Standards 420 and 374, the Starpack 48-651 is only 0.08mm thick, ensuring good dexterity and tactility for more precise handling. Even wet objects can be handled more easily and with less risk of dropping, as the glove features textured fingertips for better grip.

But just because it’s a thinner glove with more flexibility and sensitivity doesn’t make the Starpack 48-651 any less safe or tough. Nitrile provides better tensile strength than traditional glove materials, and in water leak tests the glove achieved an AQL of 1.5 (EN374). It also has a puncture performance equivalent to a medical grade glove.

Available in sizes 6½–10, the ambidextrous glove provides a more precise and comfortable fit for the smaller hands of female workers, with a beaded cuff which helps to keep the glove in place as well as offering extra splash protection for increased wearer safety. The soft and elastic unique nitrile formulation also helps to reduce hand fatigue, whilst the reduced slip resistance of nitrile means that the glove is easier to put on than a latex version.

The glove is blue in colour as a security feature, making any batch contamination easy to spot and isolate if all or part of a glove accidentally enters the manufacturing process.

Approved for all food contact applications, and ideal for handling fatty foods, the Starpack 48-651 is recommended for dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, as well as meal preparation. Highly resistant to chemicals and food additives, it is a Category III PPE classified glove.

Ansell Healthcare have even taken care with their packaging for the glove, supplying it in a 200-glove dispenser rather than the usual 100-glove size. This not only helps to reduce replenishment costs and save storage space, but also reduces packaging waste – an issue of increasing importance as more and more companies are challenged over their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Since March 2010 there have been additional restrictions placed on manufacturers and importers of food contact gloves into the European Community. Ansell Healthcare is fully compliant with the latest EU legislation, including Commission Regulation 2023/2006 on Good Manufacturing Practice. This is an additional assurance of quality for the food industry and, like the Starpack 48-651, deserves a round of applause.

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