RX - the next generation of hygienic hose

<i>The new RX range of hygienic hose</i>
The new RX range of hygienic hose
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All process environments are demanding, but sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food and beverage ask particularly tough questions of systems and equipment. The new RX range of hygienic hose assemblies has been designed with such environments in mind.

Delivering hose assemblies that not only meet and exceed the hygiene requirements of today’s process industries, but which offer real cost of ownership benefits is a considerable challenge. But it can be done – and ERIKS’ RX range of hygienic hose assemblies proves the point spectacularly. Here, we briefly describe some of the many benefits of this remarkable new product.

Take hygiene performance, for example. Fully FDA-approved, the RX range is also certified as free of ADIs (Animal Derived Ingredients). This means that the product totally eliminates the risk of BSE prion contamination. What’s more, the ‘Lite’ variants of the RX range are more than 25% stronger than standard lightweight hoses, using a unique new construction technology to resist nicks and imperfections. This helps to reduce bacteria risks and remove bug traps. In fact, ERIKS goes further than ensuring the hose itself has intrinsically hygienic properties. It is also assembled under extremely hygienic conditions. The RX hose production cell features an extensive clean stock holding area, a clean ‘off-floor’ manufacturing area, and includes a 140 Bar test rig, where every hose assembly is tested to150% of its rated working pressure. But this is far from all. The RX range is designed for better Cleaning in Process (CiP) performance, too. Typically CiP operations work at a pressure of 4 Bar, using 3% caustic or acidic solutions up to 90°C. This combination can cause standard hoses to expand and pull away from hose tails – in fact, even strapped assemblies will frequently fail under CiP conditions. The RX range, however, features a thick Stainless Steel ferrule that’s locked into the hose tail, making it much less susceptible to this problem.

Due to their multiple-fabric design, ERIKS thick wall hoses can take up to 55% vacuum without the need for a wire helix reinforcement, so they can be used on suction applications and are ideal for tanker bays due to their crush resistance. All ferrules are engraved with a unique hose reference number, ensuring full traceability on all assemblies, and simplifying the order process of replacement assemblies. ERIKS also offers full 3.1.B Material certification on all assemblies.

Benefits of going ‘Lite’

Up to 50% lighter than ordinary hoses, RX Lite designs are not just easier to handle and connect, they’re more flexible, too, due to its twin wire helix design which allows for a greater bend radius. This is especially useful if working overhead, as it reduces the risk of injury as well as the time and personnel required to configure hoses.

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