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The CPX valve range from Festo is clearly the more intelligent choice.
The CPX valve range from Festo is clearly the more intelligent choice.
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Changes in the way we think about waste and the way it is handled demand changes in the way waste and recycling processes are operated and controlled. Adding more intelligence to the process in the shape of an integrated electric and pneumatic motion controller is one way to increase efficiency and meet these new challenges.

A need for more sorting of waste for recycling, or for more automated handling - perhaps to feed biomass generators, for example - means waste and recycling facilities operators require more intelligent equipment. However, what they don't want is more complexity. Combining pneumatics and electrical control on a single modular platform is an efficient solution. In a large plant, the capability to distribute the intelligence around the plant - and therefore to reduce wiring and installation costs - makes it a cost-effective solution too.

An example of this type of 'valve island' is the CPX valve range from Festo. This modular platform - configured to meet customers' needs - not only provides electrical control and pneumatic motion, but also wider electrical capabilities such as sensing and measurement: including temperature readings, analogue signals in and out, camera linking and image processing, robotic applications and a unique servo pneumatics capability.

The Festo CPX valve range is designed to interface with any protocol - including DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Interbus, CANopen, CC-Link and Ethernet (Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP) - for optimum integration into any existing system. It even interfaces effectively with high-level SCADA, enabling comprehensive control of an entire process from just one control centre. A choice of connection technologies enables quicker connection of the valve island to sensors, actuators and power supplies, for easier installation and compliance with the defined company standard. The compact size of the product also makes it easier to install, enabling direct machine mounting to reduce pipework, save energy and increase speed of operation. Up to ten different modules can be combined for a highly flexible installation, and all modules have a high protection classification, making them suitable for safe use in a wide variety of areas.

The high level of intelligence of the valve island means that diagnostics are very easy to carry out, with either an output error signal or a plug-in handheld diagnostic device. As the valves can be mounted very close to the point-of-use, problems are also easier to find, facilitating quicker preventative maintenance or post-event repair.

The modular nature of the Festo CPX range means customers can quickly and easily choose and configure a valve island to suit their needs. All that's required is to visit the Festo website, where control elements can be preconfigured. Festo will then build the unit, test it and despatch it, ready for fast installation and quick commissioning.

So for reduced costs, more accurate control, greater electrical capabilities, wider connectivity, more flexibility, faster diagnostics and more cost-effective logistics, the CPX valve range from Festo is clearly the more intelligent choice.

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