Vibration monitoring of Air Handling Units

Monitoring for problems on the rotating elements of the AHU's enables planned maintenance
Monitoring for problems on the rotating elements of the AHU's enables planned maintenance
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Air Handling Units (AHUs) are widely employed in HVAC systems in locations such as hospitals, laboratories, data centres, museums, and on production lines. They operate continuously to provide consistent environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and level of flow.

In many applications - such as pharmaceutical production lines, for example - significant changes to air temperature or quality can cause huge health and safety and production quality or loss issues.

It therefore makes economic sense to monitor for problems with rotating elements of the AHUs, to enable planned maintenance.

Hansford Sensors has a range of sensors with a choice of recommended installation options for direct and non-direct drive fans.

A simple, cost-effective on-line monitoring option requires 4-20mA sensors (HS-420 Series) mounted onto the bearings and shafts of the AHU, with the velocity levels being fed back to a PLC or similar system for vibration monitoring. Alternatively, a dual output sensor (HS-421 Series) can provide a 4-20mA output and an AC output, for
more in-depth vibration analysis via a Data Collector.

Another potential method is the use of fixed AC sensors (HS-100 Series), hard-wired to switch boxes in accessible positions outside the AHUs. For installations with limited access, a side entry sensor (HS-100S Series) can be used, or for smaller AHUs
a compact HS-130 Series sensor can be installed.

Vibration monitoring of Air Handling Units (AHUs) with Hansford Sensors is a cost-effective solution to preventing machinery failures in critical applications, and to reducing engineers' exposure to safety hazards when collecting data.

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