Why guns wont protect you

Automatic single point lubrication system
Automatic single point lubrication system
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If you're still using grease guns for lubricating your machinery - even as management is putting more pressure on you to reduce costs - then you're effectively being robbed every day. But if you put down your grease guns and switch to single-point lubrication, you can protect your money, your machinery, and your employees.

A single-point lubricator not only automates the lubrication process, but also ensures it is carried out in the most efficient manner. An automated lubrication system will never forget to lubricate, will never over- or under-lubricate and - because it dispenses lubricant at a steady rate for up to 12 months at a time - the machinery is always lubricated to the optimum for maximum reliability.

A single-point lubricator is also ideal for difficult-to-access lubrication points. Instead of an engineer struggling to get to the lubrication point - with associated health and safety risks, the single-point lubricator is positioned once and then does its job, day-in, day-out, with access required as little as once a year.

But just because a lubrication point is hard to access for an engineer, doesn't mean it's difficult for dust, debris or water to get into. Many manual lubrication points are open to the atmosphere and everything that's in it. And once foreign bodies or other contaminants have entered the lubrication point, the next stop is the machinery itself. A single-point lubricator prevents contamination because it is essentially a closed system. The only thing that gets into the machine is the lubricant that you want to - even in the contaminant-rich working environment of a waste and recycling plant.

However, not all single-point lubricators are the same. The simalube single-point lubricator, for example, uses a patented gas-producing dry cell to power the lubricant.

This is a highly reliable system which can operate successfully at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C, whereas other lubricators use electro-chemical systems which can begin disintegrating at below freezing or over 40°C.

The simalube is also the only 100% recyclable lubricator. The empty cartridge can be refilled to save up to 50% on the initial cost, replaced with a new pre-filled cartridge, or replaced with an empty cartridge for you to fill with the lubricant of your choice. If replaced, the old cartridge can be disposed of as battery waste and the housing as PET waste, with no additional costs for waste disposal.

As well as complying with most customers' environmental policies, and international standards such as ISO14001 and EMAS, simalube is food safe, containing no acidic liquids or electrolytes.

So why rely on grease guns to protect your money, your machinery or your employees? simalube can make lifer safer and easier for maintenance engineers, can maximise machinery life, and reduce your costs.

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