Working safely with Hydraulic Hose and Connectors

In conjunction with the British Fluid Power Association, ERIKS has launched a 1 day Foundation course to enable employees to work safely with hydraulic hose.
In conjunction with the British Fluid Power Association, ERIKS has launched a 1 day Foundation course to enable employees to work safely with hydraulic hose.
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In conjunction with the British Fluid Power Association, ERIKS has launched a one-day Foundation Course to provide an introduction to hydraulic hose, connectors and the safe assembly of those components for industry use. Employees who undertake the course will receive a certificate and be presented with a hose and connectors safety manual - signed by their course tutor to confirm their successful completion of the course - which acts as a valuable reference for future use.

With the hydraulic hose industry being increasingly closely scrutinised by the Health and Safety Executive, Ian Morris, Chief Executive of the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) - the leading industry body involved in training - explained that it was felt that, "the time was right to introduce a standardised safety training course which could be applied across all areas where people work directly with, or come into contact with, hydraulic hose and connectors. BFPA represents 218 companies in the UK dealing with pneumatics and hydraulics, ranging from one- or two-man companies to major multinationals. It also has long associations with academic institutions such as Bath University, making it the ideal organisation to devise a core framework for industry training."

The Foundation Course devised by BFPA has already proved so successful in setting safety standards for what was previously a largely unregulated industry that it is now being considered by similar organisations in other countries. The South African equivalent of BFPA - S.A.F.P.A. - has recently purchased a licence to offer the same course in its own country.

Now ERIKS - as the UK's leading industrial services company - is working together with BFPA to offer the one-day Foundation Course to ERIKS' customers, either at their premises or at ERIKS Competence Centres throughout the UK. ERIKS' technical expertise in the field of hydraulic hose, and in-depth knowledge of industrial safety - as a supplier of both hoses, connectors and safety equipment - makes the company a valuable partner for BFPA in rolling-out safety training across the industry. ERIKS' large customer base makes a prime target audience for training, whether they are people actively involved in the hydraulics industry or simply those who come into contact with hydraulics during their daily working lives - for example, a digger driver whose machine is operated by hydraulics and who may find himself checking for a leak or re-attaching a loose hose.

The course is carefully designed by BFPA to be accessible and understandable by any of these, starting as it does with the basics and then covering all relevant areas - but without requiring any specialist knowledge of hydraulics.

Divided into six sections, the course covers:

1. Basic Hydraulics
2. Health, Safety and Environment
3. Hose and Connector Identification
4. Hose Assembly
5. Installation
6. Hose and Connector Failure

On completion the attendee will have a knowledge and understanding of safe hose assembly manufacture which, if correctly applied, will not only enhance the safety of the individual but also overall safety within the industry as a whole. In addition, successful attendees will automatically be registered on the BFPA database, which can be accessed by the HSE or Factory Inspectorate if they need to check the competence of anyone involved in a hose-related industrial accident.

The course itself is delivered in an interesting and involving way, including videos. By the end of the day-long course, attendees are not expected to have learnt everything there is to know about hose and connector safety, but they will be well-equipped with a basic understanding of the principles. They will be able to take the right steps and act in the right way to avoid injuring themselves, and to avoid putting others in danger, and with their own copy of the ERIKS/BFPA manual to take away will know exactly where to find the information they need within it.

To ensure that all training candidates are given the same training and to the same level of quality, BFPA runs šTrain the Trainer' days. ERIKS' own trainers have, of course, attended one of these days, so the structure and delivery of the ERIKS/BFPA course is the same as all others, and all successful candidates will be qualified and certified to the same level of knowledge and understanding. The course is highly flexible and BFPA can offer training options such as putting together candidates from smaller companies - which can often only send one or two people at a time for training - to make a large enough number for a training day. ERIKS offers on-site training at customers' premises, and training at ERIKS Competence Centres.

ERIKS partnership with BFPA will help to ensure that the course reaches the greatest possible number of potential candidates, and that it continues to evolve, with the training keeping pace with changes and developments in the design, manufacture and application of hydraulic hose and connectors. This will help to keep the training course at the forefront, and guarantee its essential role in training all employees within the hydraulics industry - or with any occupational involvement with hydraulics - to improve their own safety and that of those around them.

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