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Leak Detection Sprays ROCOL sets the standard

Leak Detection Spray

With foam producing leak detection sprays play such a crucial role that there is simply no room for error, ROCOL Leak Detector Spray provides total assurance to gas installers by meeting the requirements of the vital BS EN 14291:2004 standard.

This leak detection sprays standard, which specifically covers ´foam producing solutions for leak detection on gas installations´, applies across Europe and regulates the characteristics of such products for use on pipework carrying 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

Leak detection sprays which meet this standard must be able to detect even minute leaks with a formulation that offers no risk of corrosion to pipework.

According to ROCOL, gas installers need to be more aware of BS EN 14291:2004 and ensure that the products they are using meet this standard. In addition to setting requirements for performance, the standard also covers compatibility with jointing compounds and lubricants, flammability, toxicology and resistance to rinse-off.

Chris Nettleship, who heads the gas and plumbing products team at ROCOL says, "Checking joints for gas leaks with a foam producing solution is such a routine task that most installers probably won´t give it a second thought. However, what if the leak detection sprays gives a false result? At best, there´ll be the inconvenience of a customer call-back but at worst the installer could be walking away from a potentially very dangerous installation."

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