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Lewis Berl

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Large DC Armature

Lewis Berl was created in 1996 when WYKO bought out the Lewis DMR Group and British Electrical Repairs Limited from the Delta Group.

The Management team helped build WYKO EMS the electro mechanical division of WYKO Industrial Services.

Lewis DMR Group Consisted of APW Engineering Greenford, Joss Engineering in Aberdeen and a number of Motor Repair Shops in the south of England.

BERL British Electrical Repairs Limited was originally set up in London and Manchester in the 1910's to repair and rewind motors for the British Engine Insurance Co. Owned by Detla PLC from 1972 and then all 13 nationwide branches were bought out by WYKO Group in 1996.

Further Acquisitions between 1996 and 2000 to strengthen WYKO Electro Mechanical Services included:

IRS Industrial Rewinds Services - Wolverhampton
ESL Electrical Services Limited - Scotland
Seals Electrical Services - Hartlepool
Charles Kelly - Broxburn
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