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LifeGuard line-of-sight sleeving keeping you safe

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At Gates we take safety very seriously and our LifeGuard™ line-of-sight sleeving system is a case in point. It lets you safely protect nearby machine operators and personnel from catastrophic hydraulic hose failure using a revolutionary sleeve system developed by our design engineers.

It's worth noting that even an invisible pinhole leak in a hydraulic hose under pressure can release toxic fluid at more than 200 metres per second - close to the muzzle velocity of a gun. A jet like this can act like a hypodermic needle, penetrating both protective clothing and skin.

Other dangers from hydraulic bursts or pinhole leaks can include personal injury from fluid burns and injection, fires, explosions, electric shock and mechanical failure. With LifeGuard™ you can:
Increase your people's safety
A LifeGuard™ 4000-sleeved hose will hold back 8,000 psi bursts and 4,000 psi pinhole leaks at 100°c for up to five minutes on -4 to -16 hose sizes. it does this by redirecting the explosive force of a high-pressure burst down the length of the specially-designed, triple-layer sleeve; dispersing the energy and fluids at the hose ends via carefully designed šchannel' clamps. The leaked fluid from the clamps lets you spot the failure more easily.

Install it easily and keep costs down
LifeGuard™ line-of-sight sleeving is a safe, effective and economical alternative to costly metal and plastic shielding. The sleeving is compatible with a wide range of fluids, including environmentally friendly liquids and biodiesel fuel so you can use it in all kinds of situations. It protects at temperatures up to 100°c, the SAE standard for most industrial hydraulic applications.

Gates - creating the standards others can follow
At present, existing standards and specifications relating to hydraulic hose protection are vague. ISO and European standards don't specify a test method for sleeving products, ISO 3457 and EN474-1 just state that: "Hydraulic hoses containing fluid with a pressure of more than 5 MPa (50 bar) and/or having a temperature over 50°C, and which are located within 1.0 m of the operator, shall be guarded."

With LifeGuard™ you have an industry benchmark product that already sets the standard for operator safety - now and in the future.

For the best in safety, don't compromise, use Gates LifeGuard™ line-of-sight protection.

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For more information contact your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.

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