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Ball Bushing and Round Bar

Linear ball bushings run on hardened and ground precision linear shaft or bar. Balls circulate through polymer or steel channels onto raceway segments with hardened steel liners where the balls are contacting with the shaft. 

The re-circulating ball system gives an unlimited stroke and a very low rolling friction contact between the ball bushing and the shaft.

Ball bushings are incredibly flexible in application and a wide range of variants are available including:

  • Self-aligning
  • Sealed
  • Compact
  • Flanged

Precision linear shaft or bar is easily adaptable to numerous applications.  High depth of hardness gives a long reliable life and precision grinding ensures a smooth and accurate running surface.

Shaft is often assembled with shaft support blocks for end support or shaft support rails are available for fully supported shafts.

Standard linear bushing Super 'A' linear bushing Compact linear bushing Round bar