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Condition Monitoring

ERIKS are experts in condition monitoring with a dedicated team of trained and qualified engineers who collect and analyse vibration, temperature and other machine operating data to determine optimum maintenance schedules and avoid costly unplanned downtime.

Vibration monitoring of short duration machines such as linear systems can be fraught with difficulties. If run durations are short it can be difficult to obtain base levels for comparison.

Talk to ERIKS experts about your application 

We can provide advice and help you set up the optimum routine and locations to fit accelerometers and take readings. Our experience is vast and we can help in even the most challenging of applications.

Dedicated Nationwide TeamLinear bearing condition monitoring

ERIKS have a dedicated team of nationwide Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring Engineers who can help you understand your machine operating conditions, plan replacement schedules, predict failures and find savings you never suspected were possible.


As a SKF Certified Maintenance Partner you have the additional piece of mind to know our Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring Engineers have been independently trained to use of the most advanced machine reliability hardware and software and are supported by the latest technology.