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Specifying the correct lubricant, the correct lubrication intervals and the correct delivery method is vital to getting the right performance and life from your linear motion components and systems.

Too much grease or grease that’s too thick will increase torque and drag, not enough grease or too low a consistency and you don’t prevent metal to metal contact, hastening failure.  Lubricant can also be used to add an additional element of sealing or to purge contaminants from a system.

ERIKS lubrication experts can advise on a wide range of lubricants from a number of leading brands ensuring you get exactly the right product for your application.  We can also specify the lubrication intervals and give advice on new products, including lubricators, coatings and seals/wipers to assist lubricant delivery, lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion or simply to increase corrosion resistance.

For example:

NSK lubrication unit
NSK K1 Lubrication Unit
A lubrication device attached to the end of a carriage or ball nut that contains oil in a porous resin.  Constantly applies fresh oil to the rail or screw as it seeps from the resin. Click here for more information.
INA lubrication unit
INA Corrotect®
A surface coating applied by electroplating.  It is an extremely thin anti-corrosion coating with cathodic protection and black chromate passivation.  Click here for more information.
Simatec multi point lubrication
Simatec - Simalube multi-point
A 5 channel electro-chemical automatic lubricator, ideally suited to 4 carriage, ballscrew driven linear systems.  Click here for more information.