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Low Temperature FPM Seals

o-ring black

Fluoroelastomer (FPM) materials are typically used in applications requiring high temperature or chemical resistance. This inherent strength is due to their carbon-fluorine based back-bone forming very stable bonds. Unfortunately this inherent strength has traditionally resulted in poor polymer mobility, leading to poor low temperature performance, with many A-type co-polymers operating down to just -20°C. Although GLT Type polymers extend operating temperatures as low as -40°C true low temperature performance has until recently eluded FPM polymers.

ERIKS 514322 is a black 75 Shore A fluoroelastomer compound that changes this operating paradigm. Although rated as having low temperature operation of -40°C, GLT polymers typically have a glass transition temperature, Tg, of -29°C (The mid-point of the transition between the material being fully glass like and rigid and being fully elastomeric). ERIKS 514322 introduces an additional monomer into the polymer structure, significantly extending the low temperature operation as low as -51°C, having a Tg of -40°C.

ERIKS 514322 brings true low temperature capabilities to chemically demanding and high temperature applications. Typical applications include o-rings used in valves, sensors, pumps and oil-phase sampling cylinders exposed to some of the most harsh environments on the planet.

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