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Lube Essential Range

All the lubrication you need?

ERIKS Lubrication Essentials is a range of high quality, readily available items designed to meet the most common industrial lubrication and maintenance applications.

Why Lubrication Essentials?

Feedback from our customers has indicated two common problems with lubricant supply:
  • The ever expanding plethora of different lubricants, additives and performance claims is becoming impossible to keep up with.
  • When surveying customer stores we regularly encounter several stocked items which all do exactly the same job, multiplying our customers stock values and wasting their time managing excessive inventory.

The Concept

With this in mind we set out to define a core range of items with excellent stock availability, hand picked, by our lubrication engineers to cover as wide a range of applications as possible while always maintaining the very best in performance and compliance.

The Products

ERIKS Lubrication Essentials range meets the widest variety of applications imaginable from around 30 core items. These are amongst our most popular products and are proven in hundreds of applications across as wide a variety of industrial sectors imaginable.

Technical Lubricants

Workbox Essentials

  • Bearing greases
  • Lubricating oil
  • Open gear lubricants
  • Automatic lubricators
  • Maintenance lubricants
  • Maintenance cleaners
  • Silicone lubricants
  • Leak detectors
  • Metal working lubricants
  • Anti-seize pastes
  • Corrosion protection

Products from Leading Brands

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