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Lubrication Sustainability

ERIKS' Planet+ is an initiative which influences everything we do - for ourselves and for our customers.  Planet+ covers four main areas, positive energy, pollution, waste and risk reduction:
Postive Energy Reduction

ERIKS passion for technology, drive for innovation and know-how ensure our products and our manufacturing processes have built-in energy-efficiency.

Positive Pollution Reduction

Sustainable purchasing, elimination of toxic substances and designing for minimal impact at every product lifecycle stage all help to reduce pollution — without lowering manufacturing standards.

Positive Waste Reduction

We ensure you achieve the closest possible balance of inputs and outputs, maximise recycling of unused materials, and optimise manufacturing quality to reduce discards.

Positive Risk Reduction

We take every step we can to ensure a safer, healthier working environment for all and we can help you do the same with innovative products and services.

Key products:
Biodegradable cleanerBiodegradable Cleaner


Biodegradable aqueous cleaner for removing heavy oily, greasy and sooty soiling from the majority of surfaces.

OKS airspray systemOKS Airspray System

Relpace aerosols with the refillable OKS airspray system.  Powered by compressed air, prevents waste and reduces costs while increase safety by removing flammable propellants. A small investment in environmental protection that can pay off after approx. 10 fillings. Near indestructible design for harsh everyday use in workshops and plants. 

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