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Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical

For both Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical manufacturers’ lubricant accreditation, traceability of ingredients and trust in the manufacturing process is key. 

Understanding accreditation and classifications including DIN standards, ISO standards and the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program can be a minefield in itself. Knowing where to use NSF H1 Lubricants (incidental contact) or NSF H2 Lubricants (no incidental contact) is no simple matter.

At ERIKS we have a range of accredited lubricants from well known and respected brands that you can rely on. We can advise you on the accreditations and how and where to apply the lubricants within your facility.

We also have the most Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical friendly delivery systems including Simalube to get lubricant where you need to, when you need to:


  • Patented gas producing Drycell Powers the piston at a controlled rate, no toxic chemicals used to power the piston
  • Profile ensures all lube is used, no waste
  • Dial indicates dispense time
  • Non-return valve for oil
  • Food grade lubricants available:-
  • SL10 Grease
  • SL14 Oil